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My family and I live in Worthing, West Sussex, in the South-East of England. We have been cat owners for years and years, and have owned both pedigree cats and moggies.

Having made a decision to move from just owning cats to breeding them too, I decided to initially breed Abyssinians, as I am a really big fan of both their looks and their personalities. More recently, having seen so many gorgeous spotty cats at shows, I decided to get an Ocicat too. To me, they have many similarities to Abys, and in addition they have spots. I am totally not going off Abys, infact, we recently got our third aby girl, just wanted to get some spots in my life too!

Please browse the site and find out a little more about us, the Abyssinian and Ocicat breeds, my plans for Marafiki, and our cats and kittens. There are details about shows we've been to, and also a page of useful links to other breeders, associations and cat clubs.

We are always updating the site, and making relevant alterations, but make sure you check out the 'Latest News' page for the most up-to-date information about us and our cats, and if we have kittens, then have a look at the 'Our Aby Kittens' and eventually the 'Our Oci Kittens' page and the 'Kitten Diary' to check availability and watch them develop.

If you are looking for a stunning, loyal and fun pedigree cat, an Abyssinian or an Ocicat both are perfect choices.  Perhaps you can even have your own Marafiki cat!